Dating in Miami

Miami = Partying and why not, that’s where the lights and the craziness is. I would say 99.9% are there for the partying atmosphere, that Miami clubs, bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants, shops create. But what is there besides the well known Lincoln Road = an open air pedestrian mall , Ocean Drive, the most eastern street in SoBe, home to restaurants, cafes and the infamous “La Casa de Gianni Versace”, Art Deco Drive, with it’s largest collection of Modern architecture and Espanola Way, a two block street that houses Mediterranean style houses.

As usual, the spiciness of a city is hidden.
Let’s start digging.
It doesn’t matter if you came with a couple of friends or with just your beloved it’s always something to do in Miami, even if you are alone and plan on having a short affair, you came to the right place.

When heading to Miami, don’t take the usual causeways (N Bay Cswy; Julia Tuttle Cswy or MacArthur Cswy) instead just take the Venetian Cswy/15th street, it takes you slower, but gives a glimpse of beautiful houses and an amazing causeway (1$ per way)
Daytime = Beachtime.

And where else if not in South Florida you get the sun and summer weather 365 days per year, plus minus, of course and ones of the most amazing beaches, of course.
SoBe beaches satisfy every need, there are regular beaches (Public Beach, which stretches from 5th to 15th street and all the way up to Collins Park; Crandon Park at Key Biscayne North; Bill Baggs Park at Key Biscayne South), nude ones (Haulover Beach with a mark “clothing optional”) as well as gay/ lesbian ones (12th street beach) but what about the “hidden” one, it can be found between the popular Bayside marketplace and the Bayfront Park, it’s all just about tanning, no swimming though.

When talking about food, there is a place located at the Sky lobby of Bank of America Tower, formerly known as Centrust Tower), known as Sky Grille, a cafeteria, open for public, the food is definitely exciding the regular cafeteria food. The unique Sky Lobby Terrace, located on the 11th floor, features outside dining with panoramic views of Biscayne Bay, Coral Gables, Miami International Airport and downtown Miami, everything in the palm of the hand.
Cuban coffee should be one of the things to try in SoBe, of course it can be bought at Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts but a better place would be Davids Cafe! at 11th & Collins or the one at Meridian & Lincoln Lane.

The nightlife is glooming in Miami but if traditional is not for you, than you should visit Miamis Velvet Swing Club, the largest swingers club in Florida.

For relaxation there is the Tobacco Road, an establishment that holds the first liquor license in Miami-Dade County and is the Miami’s choice for blues music.

That was “Hidden” Miami, a place to enjoy and to come back to!


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