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Welcome to Miami Dating, Bienvenido a Miami

Welcome to Miami, Bienvenido a Miami!
The 510,000 (30%) of singles are surely a great bait that make the Miami nightlife possible.

Though, in this period of time of technological progress, dating is also possible virtually, it would be just another add-on to the regular dating scene.

What does Miami have, that anyone else doesn’t?
The world-renowned nightlife! Miami is the synonym to party, party and again party!
Due to that, Miami is one of the primary points to spend the vacation or the weekend.

The mindset of a person looking to find that special one in this hectic lifestyle, should be relaxed and ready for some light flirting and for experimenting and why not considering the fact that the city is basically vacation-partying-style.
Though somebody would say that the same thing that’ll help you hook up with someone will interfere, meaning because of all this partying atmosphere, there is no place for long term relationships.

The primary places to find a date would definitely be the clubs, restaurants, bars located in South Beach on Ocean Drive, Lincoln Road and all their derivatives. Just take a walk along the roads and you’ll find yourself jumping from one place to another. Why not start your night time journey down at Fountainbleu at LIV and than you might find yourself at Mynt or Set, take a bit of a break at Abraxas lounge or Score.

If the night scene isn’t that promising, why not try the beach. The amazing weather will allow that. Plus it’s a great way of mixing pleasure with some useful activity. Why not engage in baseball playing, with some strangers you meet on the beach.

Wishing some wardrobe changes. the shops: X.O.T; Neo Moda; Moon Dance; Chicos etc. and cafes: Segafredo; Balans; Van Dyke; Nexxt etc. on Lincoln Road (South Beach) or the shops: Curves N’ Waves; I & A Formal Wear; Essence Boutique; Dulce etc. and cafes: Bonbon & Patisserie; Giralda; Angeliques Euro Cafe; Caffe Abbracci etc. down at Miracle Mile (Coral Gables) is the place to be. You never know maybe the next stranger that approaches you, while sipping on your coffee is the One.

Also Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and Miami Metrozoo would be a good add to all of the above mentioned places.

As much as Miamis nightlife will add some short flings to your agenda, the same way it will add some longterm ones. Give it a chance…

I’m going to Miami,
Welcome to Miami.


Why single women love dating in Miami

What comes to mind when one thinks of Miami, Florida? Usually, hot sizzling beaches with even hotter single women in Miami sun bathing on South Beach, lively nightlife, Latin-inspired flavors, bright colors and non-stop partying. If the trendy South Beach crowd isn’t exactly your thing, you may find yourself enjoying the Miami MetroZoo, one of the fastest up and coming zoos in the country. Given the climate in Miami, it is ideal for displaying animals from Asia and Africa, rivaling no other zoo around. It was also one of the very first free-ranging zoos in the U.S., being free of cages. There’s also the Seaquarium which is right between downtown and Miami Beach on the causeway. But South Beach is the main spot as Single women in Miami are known for stopping by this fabulous stretch of A1A while on the way to one of the many beaches